Fable Gives Back

Publish Date: 21 February, 2023

Our Fable team are compassionate and kind, the Kiwi spirit of warmth and ingenuity is woven into our DNA. We recognised that 2022 was a hard year for a lot of families, deciding we wanted to start 2023 off by giving back.

After some research into the fantastic charities across the country, we decided that Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC) were a fantastic cause that deserved a bit of joy.

We wanted to help create a memory for these families, so we teamed up with some of our favourite Auckland Blues players; Mark Tele’aAlex Hodgman and Rob Rush, sure to put a smile on faces!

After hunting for the perfect gifts, we gathered a collection of speakers, notebooks, beanies and a bunch of arts and crafts supplies! With some help from our Blues friends, we popped these all into goody bags and set off.

Michelle Stephens, Chief Revenue Officer, met us at the Auckland Domain house. We were able to tour the property; a fantastic space that oozes warmth and colour. From the art room to the in-house school, it was clear that love has been poured into every corner of the house.

We were lucky enough to hang out with several children and their families. We heard their stories, told ours, took photos, gave out presents and most importantly, put a few smiles on faces. Like our own, we know everyone’s story is individual. Seeing the strength of these families and their children firsthand is something that will stay with our team.

Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC) provide care and support to families with kids who need urgent medical treatment. This includes specialised accommodation close to major hospitals, family meals and a friendly ear to listen on tough days. RMHC New Zealand helps thousands of families across New Zealand each year, all free of charge.

As well as helping families with the practical things in life while their child is in a hospital away from home, RMHC also offers support. Staff are always ready with a friendly, empathic ear, and families make instant and long-lasting connections with each other. Having the understanding of people in a similar position can be comforting.

We cannot begin to image what these families go through, but we can help support them with our time and donations. We look forward to helping RMHC further in 2023. 

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