Embrace Winter's Culinary Charms

Publish Date: 14 May, 2024

1. The Press Club: Where Every Dish Tells a Story

Located in the heart of Dunedin, diners are welcomed into a world of elegance and charm. The Press Club is Fable Dunedin's signature restaurant and bar, offering a blend of European and Asian cuisines, infused with Mediterranean flavours. The commitment to quality is evident in the meticulous sourcing of fresh seasonal ingredients, showcasing the best produce from Dunedin. Complemented by a diverse beverage menu, featuring hand-picked wines, unique cocktails and craft beers, The Press Club is a must-visit destination for winter dining in Dunedin.


2. Vault 21: Sophistication Meets Flavour

Nestled in Dunedin's vibrant Warehouse Precinct, Vault 21 offers a sophisticated dining experience in a historic bank building. With an innovative menu showcasing international flavours and local ingredients, this stylish eatery promises memorable dishes, from fresh seafood to succulent meats. Great for a romantic dinner or a gathering with friends.


3. Etrusco at the Savoy: A Taste of Italy

Step into the heart of Italy at Etrusco at the Savoy, where traditional cuisine meets contemporary flair. Situated within the historic Savoy building, this culinary gem delights diners with its authentic flavours and charming ambiance. From handmade pastas to wood-fired pizzas, every dish at Etrusco is crafted with passion and precision, promising an unforgettable Italian dining experience.


4. Prohibition Smokehouse: Southern Comfort in Every Bite

Embrace the warmth of Southern hospitality at Prohibition Smokehouse, located in Dunedin's vibrant Warehouse Precinct. Specialising in barbecue, this rustic eatery entices diners with its mouthwatering selection of smoked meats, hearty sides, and flavourful sauces. Whether you're craving tender brisket, fall-off-the-bone ribs, or indulgent mac 'n' cheese, Prohibition Smokehouse delivers comfort food at its finest.


5. The Portsider: A Cosy Retreat for Kiwi Fare

For a quintessential Kiwi dining experience, head to The Portsider in Port Chalmers. This beloved gastropub offers a warm and welcoming atmosphere, complete with hearty pub fare and locally sourced ingredients. From classic fish and chips to gourmet burgers, The Portsider provides a taste of home that's perfect for winter evenings spent with friends and family.


As winter embraces Dunedin, these dining spots beckon with warmth, flavour, and hospitality. Whether you're seeking fine dining elegance or comforting pub fare, the city's culinary landscape promises an unforgettable journey for food lovers of all tastes. So wrap up warm, embrace the season, and make a night of it!