Our Team

Our team strives to exceed the demands of tomorrow’s traveller through unique experiences, while exuding confidence, individuality, authenticity and the desire to co-create unforgettable memories.

Ronnie Ronalde.

Group Operations Manager

Industry icon Ronnie Ronalde has devoted 30 years of his life to the New Zealand hotel industry, and is renowned for his contributions to industry issues and events, legislation and representing the hotel sector on international event committees.

Ronnie has realised the vision of positioning CPG Hotels as an enviable group while driving up to triple digit increases in revenue year on year, overseeing multi-million dollar refurbishments and leading an exceptional team, including a pivotal role in the creation and establishment of the CPG Hotels new luxury brand, Fable Hotels & Resorts.

His commitment to introducing initiatives that bring to life values that guide guest experience, environmental awareness and social purpose are signature actions that reinforce Ronnie’s unwavering focus on excellence across the group.

Michael Chinnery.

Group Financial Controller

Michael brings over three decades of extensive experience in the finance industry to CPG Hotels. With a strong foundation in finance and a post-graduate diploma in business administration, he is well-equipped to drive our company's financial success.

Throughout his career, Michael has significantly contributed to the hospitality, tourism, and property sectors. His in-depth knowledge of these industries has allowed him to play a pivotal role in the implementation of new technologies and systems that enhance both the experiences of our valued guests and staff efficiency.

Michael's passion for innovation and his genuine enthusiasm for working with people synergize perfectly in his current position, which is reflected in the impressive advancements that CPG Hotels has made since his arrival. His dedication and expertise continue to ensure that we remain at the forefront of the ever-evolving hospitality industry.

Nafeesah Nazim.

Group Human Resources Manager

Nafeesah boasts an extensive background in Human Resources, featuring eight years of experience in the field. With a Bachelor's degree in International Hospitality Management, specializing in Human Resources, she brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her current role.

Over the past two years, Nafeesah has demonstrated a remarkable ability to enhance employee engagement and successfully implemented various initiatives and recognition programs within the organization.

Her passion lies in the realm of human interaction and the profound impact it can have on people's lives. Recognizing the significant portion of time individuals dedicate to their work, she is deeply committed to making a positive difference and to helping nurture their professional journeys.

Nafeesah aspires to excel as a market leader in talent acquisition and retention, setting ambitious goals for herself and her team to achieve new heights in the ever-evolving HR landscape.

Lisa Breckon.

Director of Sales and Marketing

As one of the country’s youngest, Director of Sales and Marketing at a hotel group, Lisa has had a transformative impact on CPG Hotels including growing a new group, introducing new brands and driving impressive relationships and revenue growth.

An innovative approach to her role has seen Lisa deliver outstanding results across the entire group in all market segments alongside responsibility for marketing and advertising, coupled with a personal passion for supporting community and environmental initiatives. Most recently, Lisa has held a critical role in bringing the Fable Hotels & Resorts brand to life.

Backed by a Business, Travel and Tourism Diploma from the International Travel College of New Zealand, and 17 years of sales management experience at many of Auckland’s leading hotels, Lisa has been recognised as a true leader in the industry and is a member of both the Tourism Export Council and Hospitality NZ. In 2019 Lisa was honoured in the NZ Industry Sales Awards as a finalist in the Marketing and Distribution Employee of the Year category.

Jass Sidhu.

Group Director of Revenue

Jass boasts an impressive 11 years in the hospitality industry. His journey began as a housekeeper, steadily ascending through the ranks and mastering each element of hotel operations before ultimately specializing in revenue management. This extensive course has equipped him with a profound understanding of a property's intricate inner workings, giving him a distinctive advantage in executing day-to-day responsibilities.

Armed with a Bachelor's degree in Business Management and another in Hospitality, Jass brings noteworthy expertise to his role. His track record is a testament to his capacity for innovation and improvement, as he has implemented reports and procedures that have consistently yielded positive outcomes.

Jass thrives in fast-paced environments, relishing the synergy of numbers and strategy. His unwavering commitment to achieving targets makes revenue management his ideal domain, where his talents truly shine.

Frankie Lim.

Director of International Sales and Partnerships

Frankie is an esteemed industry luminary with an impressive track record, boasting a distinguished career. His extensive expertise in the field of sales traces its origins back to 1989, and he has been an integral part of the tourism industry since 2000.

In his capacity as Director of International Sales and Partnerships, Frankie plays a pivotal role in encouraging engagement with both Western and Eastern markets. His genuine passion for forging new connections and fostering intercultural relations is a driving force behind his commitment to our organization.

Frankie's responsibilities encompass managing our inbound international tourism, where his wealth of industry knowledge and a well-established network of contacts consistently prove to be invaluable assets, contributing to our sustained success.

Angela Webster.

Business Development Manager

Angela brings to our team an impressive track record of over 20 years in the dynamic field of sales, with 11 of those specifically dedicated to the hospitality and tourism sector. Her wealth of experience and expansive network stands as a testament to her expertise in the industry, making her an invaluable asset to our accomplished sales team.

In her role, Angela has been a driving force behind the strategic expansion and heightened engagement of our corporate and group sectors. She has played a pivotal role in steering our company toward outstanding growth over the past three years.

Angela's passion for the tourism sector is evident in her genuine enthusiasm for creating positive and enriching environments. She is passionate about orchestrating flawlessly executed functions and events, a task she approaches with an unparalleled understanding of her clients' needs. Her dedication to excellence has not only elevated our company's profile but has also fostered lasting relationships with clients, reinforcing our standing as leaders in the industry.

Emma Ringdahl.

Business Development Manager

Emma brings to Fable a wealth of experience, boasting an impressive term of over 24 years in the travel industry. Her extensive background serves as a valuable asset to our group, where she has dedicated her expertise for over a year.

Emma thrives in securing corporate and entertainment business, where her strategic approach and industry insights have proven instrumental in enhancing our brand presence and fostering growth.

Passionate about forging new connections, the opportunity to meet diverse individuals and explore new destinations is both an integral and preferred part of her role. She excels in nurturing and expanding current relationships, demonstrating a keen ability to engage with stakeholders at various levels. Her commitment to building lasting connections contributes significantly to the collaborative and client-focused culture at Fable.

Lisa Tully.

Business Development Manager

Lisa boasts an extensive career in the Sales and Hotel Industry that spans over two decades. Her journey commenced in 2009 within the Sales sector, followed by her immersion into the hotel industry in 2012. This trajectory has endowed her with profound insights into the dynamic tourism and travel sector.

Lisa has honed her expertise in the travel industry. Her loyalty and wealth of experience are unmistakably reflected in the quality of her work, showcasing a deep understanding of the industry.

Lisa possesses an innate passion for cultivating and nurturing long-lasting relationships, a trait that greatly benefits our organization. Her pivotal role in encouraging the expansion and effective engagement of the corporate and group sectors is a testament to her exceptional contribution.

Chloe Nash.

Marketing Executive

Chloe is one of the driving forces behind our marketing team. With a solid foundation built on a Bachelor's degree in Marketing and Event Management, she brings a unique blend of creativity and strategic thinking to the company.

Chloe has demonstrated a keen understanding of consumer behaviour and market trends. Her passion for crafting compelling narratives and creating memorable brand experiences sets the tone for our innovative marketing campaigns.

Over the course of the last three years spent in our organization, she has demonstrated the ability to integrate her academic knowledge with hands-on practical expertise. In her capacity, she has taken on the role of devising and implementing effective strategies across a diverse range of marketing channels. Her work with Fable has not only enriched her professional journey but has contributed to the elevation of our brand presence.