The story of Fable

Wanderlust. That thirst to escape the mundane, to find somewhere and something truly unique. A tale to tell that is ours alone.

Fable is borne of this yearning – yours, and ours. We wanted to create something unforgettable; something we would treasure, and each of our guests would treasure too.

When CPG created Fable, we dreamt of elevating boutique hotels to another place, with bespoke experiences that offer more than simply a luxurious place to lay one’s head (though, that is part of what we do, too). But rather, a curated experience bringing the best of contemporary world-class hospitality, combined with artful details to enjoy, and twists of local wisdom and flavour.

Each Fable property has a unique character utterly its own. Inherently local, consistently different, our promise is that any Fable location a guest visits will invoke the sort of unique experience that imprints deeply, calls to be relived, and leaves one longing to return to a place and moment again and again.

With an eye for the remarkable locations, talented people and unique touches that set an experience apart, CPG has established a collection of 13 properties in 6 locations across New Zealand (and growing). Bringing the Fable experience to life in many of these properties is the next step on our journey.

Fable’s first locations, newly refurbished and each full of rare character, will open their doors from mid-2020. Starting with an exclusive 11-room boutique hotel in Ponsonby Auckland, and the historic Wains Hotel in Dunedin, we will soon after turn our sights towards transforming several iconic Auckland destinations for a new era, soon to be announced. Stay tuned for our next chapters...

The Fable Difference you can expect

New Zealand owned, our team are locals and the Kiwi spirit of warmth and ingenuity is woven into our DNA.

CPG’s values ground us, with Our People, Teamwork, Authenticity, Integrity, Responsibility and Trust always at heart. Fable’s guiding principles propel us forward, adding a unique focus to our approach, as we bring a sense of Curiosity, Initiative, Citizenship and a Vision for the future to all we do.

We match our guests’ curiosity with our own. Our people are a magnetic bunch — hosting with nuanced attention that means every experience is individually tailored.

Like our own, we know everyone’s story is individual, and we walk alongside our guests, curating and guiding their discovery. We are locals where guests visit, and bring each experience to life with our own personal touch. To us, the details matter. From the welcome you receive, to the details of your room, to exceptional dining and service, we aim for exceptional.